Openly queer, but not at home

What the hell does she want? This girl is suing her school for telling her mother what she did to get in trouble at school. Apparently everybody but her mom knew she liked muff diving, so of course the school is now being sued by the ACLU for violating her "right" to privacy.

If you aren't hiding it in public, you don't have a right to hide it at home.

School districts cannot "out" gay students to their parents even if their sexual orientation is known on campus, a federal judge ruled this week in allowing a discrimination lawsuit against an Orange County school district to go forward.

The lawsuit alleges that Garden Grove Unified School District officials unfairly disciplined a 17-year-old student this year for hugging and kissing her girlfriend on campus; revealed her sexual orientation to her mother; and forced the teen to temporarily change schools.

The district had sought to have senior Charlene Nguon's lawsuit dismissed, arguing in part that Nguon had no expectation of privacy regarding her sexual orientation, because she was openly gay at school.

Judge Selna needs a kick to the balls, and totally off the bench. Good judgement should be the bare necessity for being a judge.

BTW, most schools have rules against making out on campus no matter what sexes are involved.

Just for Old Coot, I found Ms. Nguon's picture. Oddly enough, the ACLU isnt so concerned about protecting her privacy that they aren't willing to post her photo on their website. Sorry, no video.

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