Pakistan Condemns Deadly U.S. Airstrike

On the other hand, I condemn Pakistan for letting terrorists hide inside of it's borders. We wouldn't go in looking for bad guys if the Pakis would weed them out themselves. They aren't our friends, and we should stop pretending that they are.

DAMADOLA, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan on Saturday condemned a deadly airstrike in which the U.S. reportedly targeted al-Qaida's second-in-command, as villagers whose homes were destroyed denied the militant was ever there and thousands of Pakistanis protested the attack.

The statement came after U.S. networks, citing unnamed American intelligence officials, reported that a CIA-operated Predator drone aircraft carried out the missile strike Friday and that it was aimed at Ayman al-Zawahri in the Bajur tribal region of northwestern Pakistan.

This next part didn't make any sense. The normal way for us to do an attack like this would be by using Predators which are both very quiet and limited in what they carry. Two Hellfire missiles at the most, not 8 bombs. Not very likely that anybody would see or hear them in the dark, or have 8 bombs dropping from just one or two of them.

Zaman said he heard planes at around 2:40 a.m. and then eight explosions. Speaking as he dug through the rubble of his home, he said planes had been flying over the village for the last three or four days.

"I ran out and saw planes were dropping bombs," said Zaman, 40, who lost two sons and a daughter. "I saw my home being hit."

I'll wait for the DNA to come back.

UPDATE: The New York Times prints a photo that shows what they identify as one of the missiles. It looks like a 155mm artillary round, which isn't delivered by any kind of plane, but they are popular with building IED's. One of the guys at Free Republic says it looks used because of the rifling, so it could have been a dud fired at the house. I'm curious if the round might have already been at the location.

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