King Kong Klan

Really, I should have seen this coming. Apparently, the giant ape is symbolic of the white man's oppression of blacks.

Most black men I know will think twice about going to see King Kong. First because of the story, second because of Peter Jackson's other recent blockbuster movies.

The story feeds into all the colonial hysteria about black hyper-sexuality. This imagery has a long history and is difficult to shift.

Oh yeah, Lord of the Rings was totally racist too according to Kwame. Then he takes a jab at Darwin that made no sense at all.

The story also touches the raw nerve of the Darwin-based association between black men and apes. Though the monkey noises and the discussion about whether Africans are the missing link between apes and humans may be out of the classroom, it still has to be endured by black footballers when they travel to away games.

I never thought I'd defend Darwin, but his writings associated ALL men with apes, not just the black ones.

The best way to fight racism without actually doing any kind of work? Vote for Garfield Ridge, Ace of Spades HQ and Seven Deadly Sins. Those guys would never vote for Robert Byrd.

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